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Corporate Programs

With over 20 years of corporate experience, I offer custom-designed programs to radically improve your business outcomes, in the following areas:

  • Emotional resilience, mental health, and workplace wellbeing
  • Strategic creativity and innovation
  • Employee behavior & team dynamics
  • Productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Leadership development

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Personal Programs

For busy entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners I offer two high-performance programs:

  • Brain Boost Program
  • Platinum Personal Wellbeing Program

All of my personal programs are outcome-based and follow a structured system I’ve developed over the years standing on the shoulders of my world-class mentors.

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My Personal Programs For You
Super Brain Boost Program


This program is for those seeking optimal brain function!


Together we will set your goals, develop a complete baseline picture of the health of your brain and work on establishing brain healthy lifestyle habits, designed especially for you!


I’ll empower you with tools to use in your business and your life which will improve your memory, focus, productivity, creativity, energy and inner peace.

Platinum Wellbeing Program


My flagship program is for those seeking mind, body, spirit and emotional wellness!


Primarily suited for those with chronic health conditions, who seek and resonate with a mind-body healing approach.


For the ultimate in service, I provide unlimited access to my health coaching during our program together, along with 24/7 access via Voxer.

Exactly What You Get....
Your Outcomes Brain Boost Program Platinum Wellbeing Program
Vision & Goal Setting
4 Quadrant Health Baseline
Your Core Needs & Values
Your Wellbeing Strategy
Healthy Lifestyle Foundations
Behavioural Profiling
Brain Health Baseline
Mindset Mastery
Productivity & Efficiency
Cognitive Enhancement
Creativity & Innovation
Mood & Emotional Resilience
Advanced Brain Healing
Brain Performance Engineering
Ideal Average Day
Advanced Health Baseline
Unlimited Mindset Coaching
Unlimited Health Coaching
Unlimited Lifestyle Coaching
Emotional Resilience Coaching
Stress / Trauma Release Coaching
Unlimited Brain Health Coaching
Gut, Thyroid, Autoimmune
Specialist Laser Coaching
24/7 Voxer Access to Me
Access your True Brilliance (Free 30 minute call)