Taking High Achievers from Burnout to Brilliance!

Hi there, I’m Andrew Rooke - Your Mind-Body Wellness Expert.

I created my mind-body wellness programs with a strong intention to empower executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and heart-centered people to achieve optimal wellness and live joyful lives!

As a modern leader in your business, the personal demands of you are high.  The way you show up impacts your customers, your employees, and your bottom line.  Each and every day need to bring your clarity, creativity, intelligence, efficiency, effectiveness, wisdom, and empathy to every decision you make.

And when you lose your edge, your flow and sense of inner peace it can be devastating.  I know because I’ve been there…

As a former corporate executive at the peak of my career, I burned out, losing my health and my edge due to the consistent long hours and stressful demands of the job.

I made a decision to reclaim my health and my life.  Today, my mission is to help other business owners & leaders do the same.

My clients get results because my programs are outcome-based, comprehensive and highly structured, guiding my clients to become far better humans and leaders!

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My Unique Credentials

My unique experience and qualifications are from a broad range of fields, including functional medicine & neurology, human behaviour & psychology, health and lifestyle coaching – and almost 20 years in senior / corporate executive transformation roles.

I have trained with world-leading mentors in their fields including Paul Chek, Ben Greenfield, Sharon Pearson, Dr Datis Kharrazian, and Dr Daniel Amen.

My zone of genius is in mindset, psychology, brain health, and peak cognitive performance.  This is complemented by deep functional knowledge of the body – in particular the gut-brain axis, gastrointestinal health and autoimmune conditions.


Speaker.  Coach.  Expert.

True health and optimal performance arrive when you are experiencing growth and inner peace in your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Excessive stress – be it physical, psychological, nutritional, thermal, chemical, or electromagnetic disrupts our balance and harmony and breaks down our body and our psyche.   Each person is unique and has a different stress tolerance.

To heal and grow, to have boundless energy and mental acuity, we must handle all of our stressors, for example Under-nutrition.  Over-training.  Exposure to chemicals, irritants & pollutants.  Infections.  Poor breathing.  Emotional issues.  Limiting beliefs.

I provide world-leading health and wellbeing programs to my corporate and personal clients which improve energy, clarity, focus, attention, creativity, productivity, performance, and sense of inner peace.

I have two programs to support your wellbeing:

Super Brain Boost is for those who want peak performance for their brain, arguably the most important organ we have.  Think clearly, creativity and get the job done!

Platinum Wellbeing is my flagship.  Unlimited 1:1 coaching during the program with me – will bring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance to your life.  This program is suited to those with chronic health conditions including gastrointestinal, neurological, autoimmune, and thyroid issues.

My clients take responsibility for their health, often having failed the traditional medical system and realizing that health is the greatest asset we all have.  So if this resonates with you, please get in touch by booking your free exploratory call today!

To your health and wellbeing, Andrew

Access your True Brilliance (Free 30 minute call)