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…when I collected my last corporate paycheck!

Executive of a large global technology company responsible for hundreds of staff, I had spent almost 20 years building a financially and intellectually rewarding corporate career.  I had traveled and lived all over the world and met some truly amazing people.

Married and with a young son, I was proud of my achievements.

On the surface, life was great – but I was unfulfilled and in poor health.

My work had become my identity – almost my entire existence – but it no longer brought me joy.  Years of long hours, stressful work and a poor lifestyle took a toll on my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

I’D BURNED OUT.  Always tired and wired, my mood, focus, productivity, creativity and decision making suffered.  I was anxious, gained weight and didn’t exercise much.

My brain and body were falling apart. I was losing my emotional resilience.


Long before my corporate exit, I knew I needed personal change, to:

  • Feel more joy and happiness
  • Have a clear, steady and sharp mind
  • Restore my energy, vitality & performance

I had distracted myself being busy until I realised my health was in the way of everything important to me – my family, friends, relationships, wealth & happiness.

So I drew a line in the sand.

To recover my health and create the life I wanted, I decided to:

  • Reinvent my life in alignment with my values
  • Do the deep inner work to clear my mind and emotions &
  • ‘Fix’ my brain and my body.

Drawing on my corporate experience, I knew I needed a vision, a strategy, metrics to track progress, a proven system and mentors whom I could trust!

I’d seen several doctors, specialists & naturopaths with no real improvement, so I decided to educate and empower myself.  After all, my own lifestyle had brought me here in the first place..!

So I hired a mentor and invested heavily in the best functional medicine and health education, traveling the world to attend the latest health conferences, surrounding myself with the most respected in the industry.

In the process I transformed my mindset, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, sleep and so much more!  I did the deep inner mental and emotional work and aligned my future goals with my highest personal values.

My health improved dramatically.  My brain switched on, I lost weight, regained my energy and began looking younger again 🙂

Today, I’m living my dream, supporting others achieve their best health!

Access your True Brilliance (Free 30 minute call)
Introducing Andrew Rooke

Andrew, a former corporate executive director, is now a leading transformational health & energy coach after his own work-related burn out & stress led to an identity crisis and health challenges.

He works with executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and highly motivated individuals to achieve their personal health transformation – considering all aspects of a person – mind, body and spirit.

Andrew helps his clients reclaim and optimise their brain function, youthful glow and limitless energy, to perform at their peak level.

Andrew has been educated and mentored by world leading authorities in the health, human behaviour & personal development industries including Paul Chek, Ben Greenfield, Sharon Pearson, Dr Daniel Amen & Dr Datis Kharratzian.

Andrew is a qualified MetaDynamicsTM Coach (Level 2), CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC2), CHEK Exercise Coach and a certified eDISC practitioner. Andrew has undertaken extensive functional medicine training with specialties in Gastrointestinal, Neurological and Immune health.

Andrew is a member of the International Coach Guild (ICG).